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heroal Hurricane Protection

Hurricane proof shutter system - Tested quality for a secure home

When In 1992 hurricane Andrew hit Florida causing damages worth roughly $25 billion dollars it became clear that wind zone levels were insufficient, the existing standards had been disregarded, and existing codes were not being enforced. Consequently, adjusted missile impact test standards were put in place and more stringent building codes in South Florida have been established, which are nowadays the highest standards not only in South Florida but also in the whole country.

Summing up the experiences from the past, it is obvious that areas where wind can enter need to be protected by all means. Installing motorized rolling shutters on large windows and glass doors offers this protection.

Hurricane-Prone Regions

Versatile application

  • most convenient type of protection
  • guards glazed elements against damage from flying debris
  • stops criminals and burglary already outside
  • creates a comfortable ambiance by blacking out sunlight when watching movies or sports
  • helps to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter
  • significatly reduces disturbing noises from outside
  • can protect expensive furniture, cloth and carpeting from fading caused by ultraviolet rays

The heroal hurricane tested shutters grant the needed ultimate level in security and storm protection for your home or business. This system is the only available system to withstand and pass the wind borne debris missile E test of ASTM E1996. Providing maximum protection against storms, weather extremes and flying debris, the heroal roller shutter is permanently installed in a sleek box above the opening and operated by hand or a fully synchronized electric motor drive for maintenance-free and quick operation. Apart, the heroal hurricane shutters come with an elegant design causing minimal visual impact on the building. Available finishes such as:

  • hwr-powder coating: white, beige, cream, brown, bronze, grey, silver, black and optional custom colors for level D
  • high quality stainless steel slats with hwr-powder coated panel and guides for level E