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Hurricane protection systems

Hurricane protection systems

Tested quality for a secure home - When in 1992 Hurricane Andrew hit Florida causing damages worth roughly $25 billion dollars it became clear that wind zone levels were insufficient, the existing standards had been disregarded, and existing codes were not being enforced. Consequently, adjusted missile impact test standards were put in place and more stringent building codes in Florida & Texas have been established, which are nowadays the highest standards not only in these areas but also in the whole country.

The unique heroal hurricane protection systems grant the needed ultimate level in security and storm protection for your home or business. Our solutions are certified by the Florida Building Code, as well as Texas Department of Insurance and are the only HVHZ approved systems in the roller shutter industry for category E protection.

Performance characteristics:

What are the main characteristics of heroal hurricane protection systems?

Here you will find the most important features of heroal hurricane protection systems

Elegant design for an unique building envelope

heroal has been setting international quality standards for decades with its aluminum finishes, meeting the demand for compatible, high quality colors for the various systems.

The challenge is to meet all different requirements regarding the individual finishing technologies for roller shutter systems. heroal powder coatings (hwr) allow the best possible level of finishes in various glosses and they are available in almost every RAL color for all extruded profiles. The high quality heroal 2-layer thick coating is used for all roll-formed profiles.

The heroal hwr powder coating fulfills quality tests from independent testing institutes – and it also observes all ecological requirements. In order to receive these certificates, the surfaces must withstand the so-called Florida weathering test with high UV exposure over a time period of 36 months without any fundamental alterations in terms of degree of gloss or color stability.

heroal offers a surface coating that is guaranteed to be durable. This ensures that all systems are well designed to withstand any weather condition. They are a worthwhile investment, not only in the property sector.

The unique heroal stainless steel slats stand for the highest level of protection (Category E).

Quality “Made in Germany”

Made in Germany - fabricated in USA

Nowadays heroal is the biggest manufacturer for aluminum systems in the roller shutter, sun protection and roller door industry.

heroal develops and manufactures exclusively in Germany. For our roller shutter systems we use premium aluminum alloys. A superior quality powder coating and the 2-layer thick coating guarantee a high level of weather resistance and durability of our systems. During the production process, we make an active contribution to climate protection: We use recycled aluminum and we only use water as propellant when the roller shutter slats are filled with foam.

How do I set up a heroal hurricane protection system?

Here you can find the detailed information of the hurricane protection systems category D and E for your project.

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