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heroal roller shutter systems

Roller shutter systems

heroal roller shutter systems are made of aluminum. This material enables our products to meet the highest standards in terms of durability, efficiency and functionality. All systems are roll-formed in our manufacturing plants in Germany.

To reach an optimal level of weather resistance our roller shutters are coated with 2-layer-thick coating. The various design possibilities in surface finishes and the large mold and type selection allow customers to create an exclusive design element.

Experience the diversity of our heroal roller shutter systems
What are the main characteristics of heroal roller shutters?
How do I set up a roller shutter?

What are the main characteristics of heroal roller shutters?

Here you will find the most important features of heroal roller shutter systems.

High level of hail resistance


heroal roller shutter systems reached the highest hail resistance class during tests, where curtain, guide rails and panels were tested. Even after an intense hail impact the tested elements remained in perfect optical and technical conditions.

High level of energy efficiency

heroal roller shutters are real energy savers. During cold nights, the loss of energy is significantly reduced due to the stable air space between window and shutter curtain. On the other hand, during summer time automated roller shutters help to cut energy costs on air conditioning. Up to 44% of energy costs can be saved overnight by a lowered heroal roller shutter.

In terms of privacy protection, noise reduction, wind load resistance and burglary protection, heroal roller shutter systems continue to be high performers and achieve top results.

Maximum flexibility

heroal offers perfect solutions to almost any building project due to the wide variety of components and design options. Whether commercial or residential projects – complex requirements related to energy efficiency, weather resistance or security can be combined in any way, so heroal roller shutters fit the existing design.

The heroal service fulfills architects’, contractors’ and processors’ individual needs ranging from surface finishing to company run testing laboratories.

Quality “Made in Germany”

heroal develops and manufactures exclusively in Germany. For our roller shutter systems we use premium aluminum alloys. A superior quality powder coating and the 2-layer-thick coating guarantee a high level of weather resistance and durability of our shutter systems.

During the production process, we make an active contribution to climate protection: We use recycled aluminum and we only use water as propellant when the roller shutter slats are filled with foam.

How do I set up a roller shutter?

Here you can find the individual components and choose the matching roller shutter slats, panels and accessories for your project.

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