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Roller door systems

Systems for roller doors, overhead doors, roller grilles and pre-assembled doors

heroal offers its customers tailor-made solutions for increasingly demanding installation situations in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Based on our decades of expertise in the in-house development and production of aluminium profile systems, heroal is now expanding its choice of door systems with a versatile range of pre-assembled door innovations. This new generation of pre-assembled doors is completely pre-assembled by heroal and supplied with the box, all accessory parts, curtain and drive.

All heroal roller doors, overhead doors, roller grilles and pre-assembled doors are produced from high-quality aluminium alloys. The industry-leading heroal quality is ensured by the strip thicknesses of the roll-formed profiles, the material thickness of the extruded profiles and the highly weather-resistant surface coating. All heroal doors are of course TÜV-tested and certified with the GS test mark.

In addition, heroal offers its partners the greatest possible economy when processing the door systems. Optimisation of identical parts ensures that installation is simple and quick.

The new generation of heroal roller doors, overhead doors, roller grilles and pre-assembled doors is already meeting future requirements for door systems: when it comes to quick opening and closing, gentle operation, greatest possible energy efficiency, service life and convenience, heroal doors are setting the standards of tomorrow.


System comparison : Roller door systems
heroal RD 55 heroal RD 75 heroal OD 75 heroal RG 90    
System dimensions
Max. area [m2|ft2]
10,5 113 16,0 172 16,0 172 18,0 193.75    
Max. clear height [mm|in]
3.000 10 5.000 16.50 3.900 13 4.000 13    
Max. clear width [mm|in]
3.500 11.50 6.000 19 4.000 13 4.500 14.75    
System properties
ΔR in accordance with EN 13125:2001
--- --- --- ---    
Wind load resistance
1* 4* 4* ---    
Resistance to burglary
--- --- --- ---    
Fire protection
--- --- --- ---    
Hail damage protection
5** 6** 6** ---