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heroal OD 75

Perfect garage closure with minimal lintel height

Smaller garages with minimal lintel heights are the perfect area of application for heroal OD 75 overhead doors with lateral drives. Just 2.56 inch is sufficient space in which to install the space-saving drive technology on the guide rail directly below the ceiling. Numerous equipment variants offer technical and visual solutions for any installation situation. The easy installation ensures reduced assembly costs.

heroal OD 75 Overhead doors, center drive

Large garage doors for small lintel heights
A center drive makes it possible to construct large overhead doors without any problems, even for small lintel heights of just 5.35 inch. Thanks to the central power transmission on the curtain, overhead doors with unit sizes of up to 13 ft x 13 ft can be moved safely and reliably. Numerous equipment variants offer technical and visual solutions for a wide range of installation situations.

System dimensions

Coverage width [mm|in]
Max. clear width [mm|in]
Max. clear height [mm|in]
Max. area [m2|ft2]

Performance characteristics

  • ΔR in accordance with EN 13125:2001
  • 4* Wind load resistance
  • Resistance to burglary
  • Fire safety class
  • 6** Hail damage
  • Hurricane protection Category

* with 9.85 ft element width

** hail class according to VKF test stipulations no. 2 roller shutter, version 1.02. The value reflects the mechanical functional capability.

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