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heroal RD 55

Narrow profile for small barrel diameter

The roll-formed heroal RD 55 is a slim roller slat door that winds up tightly accommodating unit widths of up to 11.50 ft. The barrel diameter requirement for a 10 ft high curtain is only 9 inches with an 8k shaft at a diameter of 2.75 inches.

System dimensions

Coverage width [mm|in]
Max. clear width [mm|in]
Max. clear height [mm|in]
Max. area [m2|ft2]

Performance characteristics

  • ΔR in accordance with EN 13125:2001
  • 1* Wind load resistance
  • Resistance to burglary
  • Fire safety class
  • 5** Hail damage
  • Hurricane protection Category

* with 9.85 ft element width

** hail class according to VKF test stipulations no. 2 roller shutter, version 1.02. The value reflects the mechanical functional capability.

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